Icinga2 grafana alert

Hi all,

We use icingaweb2 with the Grafana module which works great. I wanted to use Grafana alerts to trigger a passive Icinga check, however, it does not appear an icinga notification channel exists. Has anyone found a solution to this ?

Possible options to my knowledge:

  1. get notification from Icinga using Grafana api

2)some grafana webhook conversion tool to convert Grafana json data into icinga format.

“an icinga notification channel”?

Yes, so we can use grafana alerts into an icinga passive check.

See Add Icinga2 as Notification Channel · Issue #16120 · grafana/grafana · GitHub

It looks like the PR to add an icinga2 notification channel was closed a while ago (Add Icinga2 notification channel by bomba1988 · Pull Request #16123 · grafana/grafana · GitHub) to not be incorporated.

You could build some middleware to receive the webhook grafana does support and hit the icinga2 API or submit a passive check result? The PR itself may offer some direction on how to build something; it just incorporates that into grafana itself and uses some helper methods from that API. Icinga2 already supports it.