Icinga2 for Windows + Director + check_veeam_backup respectively PowerShell Skript

Hi all,

i want to do exactly this: https://github.com/NETWAYS/check_veeam_backup/blob/master/check_commands.conf in Icinga Director. How ist this done? Arguments aren’t a problem, but the part on lines 5, 23, and 24 isn’t entirely clear to me.

Thanks for help!

23, 24 is this

line 5 references an old powershell base, but if you use the icinga powershell plugins and have everything setup in director you could import “PowerShell Base”

if not:
you can get the powershell base for this basket:

after that create one more argument for your veeam command with “-File” and position 0
the value should be “C:\Scripts\check_veeam_backup.ps1” or your location of the script