Icinga2 folder structure zoneconfig

Hello Community,
i am new to icinga and try to find an answer that i am not able to find in the docs.
First things first.
I am running an icinga2 Master Server with (at the moment) one satelite server. I wan´t to build two zones.
One for our onprem infrastructure and one for our cloud infrastructure.

So i have created a zone called onprem an on called cloud. The master server with my icinga2web is in that onprem master zone. All cloud server will be in the cloud zone.

For better organisation i wan´t to create a folder structure under zones.d that looks like this:

But when i create the cloud folder unter the zones.d folder, the hosts are not realy checked. For example, the ping check will stay at outstanding.

But when i copy the cloud folder under the onprem folder, all is working. Could you please give me an hint how to build a folder structure like this? Or is that generaly a bad decision.


“I want to build two zones.
One for our onprem infrastructure and one for our cloud infrastructure.”

Unfortunately you are using the standard English-language interpretation of
the word “zone”, which is quite different from what Icinga uses the word to

Personally, I think this is very confusing, and that Icinga should not use the
word, which suggests something completely different from what Icinga means by

A “zone” in icinga is not a group of machines which humans associate with
each other for functional or geographic purposes. As soon as you can stop
thinking this is what Icinga means by the word, you’re making progress :slight_smile:

discusses Masters, Satellites and Agents, and also describes Zones. As you
can see from the diagrams, every machine is in its own “zone”. Zones do not
consist of multiple machines.

(There’s a small exception, in that you can have two (but not more) machines
in one zone for High Availability purposes, but that is still not what you’re
trying to set up here.)

I recommend you think about your machines in “groups” or “regions” or any
other word which makes sense to you, but is not the word “zone”. That will
help you avoid falling into the trap of thinking that Icinga zones are normal
English-language zones :slight_smile:

Good luck, and feel free to ask further questions once you’ve made some more
progress, if you need to.