Icinga2.exe and nscp.exe opens multiple times in windows environment

Hi everybody,

i have a Problem with our Icinga2 Client Server System.
Every Client (Server 2012 R2 / Server 2016 and 2019) has the NSCP- and Icinga2-v2.11.3-x86_64.msi installed.
After a few hours or days i can see that in the RAM there are many “old”?" services which don’t get closed.
Can somebody an an other environment also see the services in in RAM or is there an configuration failure of mine?
Programmversion r2.11.3-1

does nobody has such problems with nscp.exe or the icinga2.exe ?

I just checked a few staging servers I have with 2.11.3 on them and none are doing this (made me nervous for a minute, upgrading in production soon). Is this the only Windows client you’re running 2.11.3 on? Do the problems persist past a reboot? Also, side question, did you have a previous Nagios-compatible system that was leveraging NSClient in some way?

Hi Blake,

no it isn t the only windows client. i have 50 other Servers which have the same symthoms.
yesterday i had a talk with my college and it looks like the problems happens with the deep security from vsphere.
For example, we have an 2016 dc and when i install icinga2 and nscp, after a few minutes, there are 20 services from both programs.
After the deactivation, it does not happen.
So for me it looks like the deep security trys to kill the process and nscp and icinga2 try to start again after a while.