Icinga2 Docker on Synology

Good morning.

Trying to run the official Docker container on my Synology DS916. Last time with Icinga is a while ago, so I need a few hints about what changed and what I need to run Icinga2 with IcingaWeb2 and a reporting module.


  • What containers do I need to run the environment? Is there a separated container for every task?
    • Icinga Core
    • Icinga Web
    • Icinga DB
    • Icinga Reporting Module

When starting the containger on my Synology, I see complaints about the /data mounted directory being RO. I don’t see how thats possible since mounting dirs into containers usually works here (for example Nextcloud). Also, the user running Docker on Synology is member of the Admins group (per default).

Thank You!


@nhilverling Sigh. First your K8s, now this one… Shall we include in our images a C binary with Set-UID which tries to adjust /data permissions on start?

Hello @danielbierstedt and thank you for reporting!

We’re working on it.


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