Icinga2 Director Examples

I have used both Nagios Core and Icinga1 for years(going back to ~1999 for Nagios). Now I need to setup new monitoring where I am and I’m looking at Icinga2/Director. I’ve been through the docs for Icinga2, Director, IcingaWeb2, IDO MySQL, etc. Is there a good walk through for settings up commands/services/hosts/agents/distributed/etc? The docs are good, but a walk through would be better? Or if there is someone’s example configs from director that I can reference.

I am unfortunately only aware of some dated resources in German.

My recommendation for trying the director would be creating configuration in this order:

  • Setup including Kickstart of the Director
  • Test the empty deployment, so you can more easy see your changes afterwards in the activity log
  • Create two host templates, one for your defaults and one inheriting it but setting agent to yes
  • Create a Host
  • Think about what information would be needed on this host for a rule-based configuration
  • Create Datafields for this and add them to your first template, make use of Datalists and Datafield categories where it seems useful
  • Create two service templates in a similar fashion like the host templates
  • Create a service set for linux basic monitoring
  • Add SSH check and others which need no configuration to the set
  • Add some service which need configuration so you have to create more datafields and perhaps a template for them
  • Try out import and sync for users and user groups from your directory service or file to get a feeling for the automation capabilities
  • Create everything needed for notification
  • Add more of everything until you feel comfortable
  • Build your production environment with everything you learnt and improve it while doing so