Icinga2 Director Auti Token (DirectorAuthToken)

First time using icinga so go gentle, I’m learning but finding it difficult to get to where I want to be right now!

I have an icingaweb2 and icinga director configuration setup and pretty vanilla and am hoping to use the icinga2-powershell-module to point the agent to Icinga and install the agent and start monitoring basic stats.

I’ve gone around in circles for hours trying to find where to get the DirectorAuthToken value specified as showing in the documentation here https://github.com/Icinga/icinga2-powershell-module/blob/master/doc/30-Examples.md

I presume I’m missing something big, but can’t figure it out.

I was under the impression I have to make an Icinga director host template with an API key, but I don’t appear to be able to do that within Icingaweb?

Totally lost!

Hello Funk0id,

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You need to configure a host template and Self Service API to get the powershell module with auto signing running.



See I thought I thought I’d done that under Icinga Director \ Overview \ Icinga Director Configuration \ Self Service API

In the new host template I’m then trying to create under Icinga Director \ Hosts \ Templates \ Add Host I’m still not seeing an API field?

I’m following the following documentation but the screenshots layout wise look different to me.

I can’t actually find a Icinga Agent screen shown in the above link with the API key field available making me think something is really wrong?

Do I have to install the agent on a host manually first? Or is my understanding right that providing the icinga director side of things is configured I can just run the powershell module on a host, point to the director url and supplying the DirectorAuthToken I don’t seem to be able to locate anywhere, the agent installs and host added?

I keep looping around through the same documentation but am getting nowhere.


which version of the Icinga Director are you using?

System - About in Icinga Web 2.


Once you hit Add at your host template, you’ll get new tabs and one of them is Agent where you configure required options.

The is no need to install the agent manually (first).


Hi Michael,

director - 1.6.2
doc - 2.4.1
monitoring - 2.4.1


Thanks @rsx, such a simple thing, make some serious progress with this today thanks to you.

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