Icinga2 custom command-service definition, problem or expected behaviour?

Hi all,

for past 2 months I have experiencing a strange behaviour of Icinga2. Not sure if it is director related or just my not knowing deep dive of Icinga2. I tried couple of times to implement new checks with new command and when I did some mistake I need first delete for example service check from set of service (I have filter to apply automatically rules for new hosts), delete template and then delete command over icingacli. After recreating new command and importing it over import wizard in icinga director, if I wanted to create service with name as old one which has been deleted cause a wrong command definition it will include all that “old” properties and combined with “new” one and I got bunch of mess in service definition and command what should be executed, execute plugin with new and old service definition … didn’t find reason why Icinga 2 mixing old and new service definition if I decided to use same name? Is there a proper way and procedure how to delete malfunction service which is based on wrong set up command configuration? Now I am getting a lot of problems cause I need to use a different service name regarding our naming convention of service. Currently command definition it is working but service name is different. When I am try to rename as wished problem starts over.

Sorry for to long text. Tried to google it but not sure if I am googling with proper keys.

Thanks in advance for help.


sorry, didn’t read the entire text, it needs some new lines and obviously screenshots from what you’re doing. The Director is a graphical tool where it really is hard to follow when not having the visual help at hand.

Also, the rendered configuration from the deployment would be interesting.

Last but not least, please add the versions involved - icinga2, icingaweb2, director, etc.


Hi Michael,

thx for reply. I found issue. The problem was when I deleted old command from director and if I created new one with new fileds but keep old command name, there will be included fields from previous command. First needed manually delete old fields from that command definition then from that “cleaned” command create service template and from service template create service. If you having something wrong in command definition, service template and service check itself will inheritance “junk”. Sorry didn’t catch time to create all fancy images with detail explanation. Hope someone will found this helpful to.

Kind regards, Josip