Icinga2 Community on slack.com?

Sometimes doing a chat is better then doing forum/mail ping-pong.

Is there a slack channel?
If not, i vote to create one!

Does that provide any searchable history for people who have a similar problem
in the future and want to do some research before just asking the same
question again?

Also, why slack, with its proprietary protocol?

I suggest an open protocol such as IRC or Jabber would be more appropriate.




There’s an official #icinga IRC channel on Freenode

Hello there!

We have been discussing whether we want to open up a new chat channel (next to the IRC channel) just the other week actually :slight_smile:

There are a bunch of pros and cons with that topic and we’re still trying to figure out how to go about it.
We would much rather do it right than just throwing something out there and seeing whether it sticks, if you get what I am saying :slight_smile:

I can’t tell you whether we will have one or not, but for now there is only the sort of official (it’s not exactly maintained by us atm) IRC channel.

Have a great weekend,

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Would be cool to have IRC listed here:

I would warmly welcome the opportunity to chat via Slack, as it allows threaded (more structured conversations on multiple topics at the same time) + markdown for code, etc. + reactions (like thumbsup) - just my2ct.

Hey there!

Feel free to open your own Icinga Slack channel!

At this point I am afraid, that we can’t be of much help moderating it with you, as I am also trying to figure out how we want to go about supporting unofficial channels (like the Icinga subreddit and the IRC channel).

At the moment we are reworking some parts of the community page to incorporate more different platforms, so that’s also where a potential Slack channel could fit in :slight_smile:

I’m absolutely open for suggestions!
If you (this is directed at everyone btw) want to have a chat about it, just let me know.
During the week I am usually able to sneak in a meeting or five during the day :slight_smile:

Have a nice weekend!