Icinga2 checks becomes late every 22:20

Hello all,
I have a master satellite setup which is working fine, but I noticed that checks always stop at 22:20 every day wich will later display a red dot with check result are late, this always last for 2 hours before the check would continue again. Please who has an idea why this sudden stop always.


That is not much information to go by.

Anything relevant in the logs? If not, try enabling debug and post if something feels out of place.


PS: Is this duplicate of : Check result is late ? :thinking:

I suspect my system time of the icinga satellite to be the issue. After every restart of the icinga satellite, I noticed that the output of “service icinga2 statutus” says that the icinga service has been running for a time which is two hours ahead of my system real time. This I think is also the case whenever it is 22:00. My icinga satellite must have entered a new day. I think that might be the problem. I will look for how to make the start time of icinga2 service on ubuntu has the same time with the system time.



It is advisable that you run ntpd or chrony (or something similar) and have both systems synchronize to a central time server.


Please how do I run this.

What distro are you running? Might already be installed in a default installation.
Check if a process named ntpd or chronyd is running, if not you can install and configure it. Will try to help as much as I can but there howtos all over the net.


I checked already, ntpd is running and active. Also I noticed that the service status shows that it started two hours earlier than the current system time. Therefore I still have the two hours gap.

Is there a time gap between master and satellite?

Thank you very much,
I got it resolved now, I don’t know what I did. But the 2 hours time difference after PC restart has gone out.

Cool, take care!