icinga2 cannot display Chinese

It is displayed as ??? in Chinese

as far as I know Chinese is not supported in Icingaweb?
Or is my information wrong there?

Chinese symbols work fine. It has no RTL capability, but that’s not an issue normally.

The important bit is that the charset configured for the IDO resource is latin1. (Weird, yes, but that’s what’s required) That’s the default since Icinga Web v2.9 though.

If that’s an older Icinga Web, this setting must be made manually.
If it’s version 2.9 or newer and it doesn’t work, check the database encoding. This must be latin1 as well. Some people pro-actively change this to utf8 or whatever, which is wrong and leads to issues like that.

I tried changing the character set to latin1, but it still didn’t work.

Of the resource or the database?