Icinga2 business process - if downtime set ok


I’m inquiring about the possibility of using an argument with IcingaCLI to display a component of a business process as OK when its downtime is set. I’ve explored the web for information but haven’t found a solution, only stumbling upon a feature request from a couple of years ago.


Additionally, I’ve tested this with Icinga2’s Business Process module version 2.5.0, and here’s the command and output:

[icinga@mon01 ~]$ '/usr/bin/icingacli' 'businessprocess' 'process' 'check' 'test' '--config' 'test' '--state-type' 'HARD'
Business Process CRITICAL: Test

I’ve wondered if there might be an argument like “–downtime-is-ok” that would consider all hosts/services in downtime as OK:

[icinga@mon01 ~]$ '/usr/bin/icingacli' 'businessprocess' 'process' 'check' 'test' '--config' 'test' '--state-type' 'HARD' --downtime-is-ok
Business Process CRITICAL: Test
[icinga@mon01 ~]$ echo $?

The results from my tests align with the displayed output.

If anyone has insights or suggestions, I would greatly appreciate your guidance. Thank you!

Best regards,

Update: It is now functioning as described above. I do not have a logical explanation for why it wasn’t working for me earlier. DT has been active