Icinga2 - behaves as it has no tables in the Database

I’m a god damn noob in everything Linux and Database related.
Thats a good startpoint to setup a new icinga2 System with Ubuntu and MySQL!

So I’ve gone through the manuel provided from icinga. More or less with success.
I have no tabs on the left where I can do something (as seen in the screenshot).
When I want to change the color-scheme of icinga I get a error, seems like “icingaweb2” is missing its tables. As I understand it, there is a backend Database and a frontend Database for the GUI with its preferences. How do I create the tables for the webdatabase?



  • Version used r2.13.3-1
  • Operating System and version Ubuntu 20.04
  • Enabled features api checker icingadb ido-mysql mainlog notification
  • Icinga Web 2 version and modules 2.10.1
  • Login over LDAP integration

Is the lack of tabs on the left side a side effect of the missing tables, or is that a misconfiguration of something else?
Thanks in advance for any input!

Hi there,

looks like you have only added the Table which was added in v2.9.0 (rememberme)

Did you install it through Web-GUI Setup?

Not sure if it’s the same folder (I use RedHat based systems and never installed it on ubuntu), for me its placed here: /usr/share/doc/icingaweb2/schema/

I would suggest you drop the table and just use this one:

Maybe you have to adjust the path … but I’m certain you’ll find it :wink:

Nevermind, I’ve found https://github.com/Icinga/icingaweb2/blob/master/etc/schema/mysql.schema.sql

Thanks you!

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On a Debian machine it’s at /usr/share/icingaweb2/etc/schema/mysql.schema.sql
so I would expect to find it in the same place on Ubuntu.