Icinga2 backend is not running if I press deploy configuratin in director


When I deploying configuration via director then icingaweb notify to me icingadb is not running.

I checked icingadb service is running but icingadb status is “Handing over”. I think the reason of this, icinga2 service is not running because its waiting reloading:

I check icinga2 service history with this command “journalctl -u icinga2 -x”, then I saw “icinga2.service: Failed with result ‘timeout’.”

How did I solve it, I run service restart command on cli then everything is ok.

I think when I deploy configuration then director restart icinga2 but this operation does not wait for old processes to kill or timeout value is short.

What do you comment this issue?



I resolved this issue, I have hidden all line in “/etc/sysconfig/icinga2” file then it fixed.

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