Icinga2 agent run tests and return results?


I wonder if Icinga2 agent can act or can be designed to act like running the test at some interval and return the results to Checker/Master?

I’m not meaning the passive checks but rather active checks by the agent. If someone knows BigBrother/Xymon monitoring, that’s what I’m talking about.


On Linux yes as long as you use top down config sync, for Windows it’s not supported.

Thanks. But in that configuration, doesn’t the either master or satellite execute the check command on the client?

I’m looking for the check command execution by a client per the config and sending the result back.

Linux: “Execute checks directly on the child node’s scheduler”
Windows: Master or satellite schedule check execution at the agent

Ah! Currently I’ve NRPE based checks on the clients. If I install the Icinga2 agent on the clients, how to convert those tests into the agent and how the mapping work as mentioned below?

The icinga2-client1.localdomain node maps the command parameters to the local check command, executes the check locally, and sends back the check result message.



do you have a concrete example how you’re doing it now with nrpe?