Icinga2 agent configuration problem with centos 8

Hello I am new to the Icinga2 Community,

sadly i don’t know if it is a configuration error on my part, or if it’s just a bug with Centos 8 and an icinga2 agent.

So here is my problem:

the icinga master is completely configured and is already monitoring some of the virtuell devices in our network. After I tried to connect an icinga2 agent on centos 8 to the master, icinga gave me this output:

“Check Command check_mem does not exist”

After a long search trough the logs i found this:

“executing command ‘opendir’ /var/lib/icinga2/api/zones/zonename/_etc error code 13 ‘Permission denied’”

So I checked the permissions on the directory and icinga already got full permission to read an write into it.

with kind regards

Kevin Weller

Updating the icinga master was the solution to this problem.

with kind regards