Icinga2 Agent Based doesnt work with Graphite

Hello guys.

I have a master with one endpoint (just testing) and I have graphite enabled en master. Graphs show when service is from master, but when is of endpoints doesn’t show. Some can help me please? I stuck in this many days.

Thank you



To find the cause of the problem I would check:

  • Is enable_perfdata set to true (default) or false for this service?
  • Are there log messages about invalid perfdata in the icinga.log?
  • Are there log messages about connection problems to graphite?
  • Is the creates.log enabled for graphite? If yes, are there entries for the metrics?
  • Are there many metrics incoming to graphite? If yes, the python version limits by default to 500 creates per minute.
  • Are the files on the disk created like expected? Should be /var/lib/carbon/whisper/icinga2/limprdnfs/services/load/load/perfdata/value.wsp.