Icinga2 add dynamically Oracle instance as a child host


I’m using Icinga2 to monitor our linux and windows servers. Distributed monitoring has been configured - one master server and multiple agents.
I would like to monitor oracle instances as well.
In our configuration we have multiple instances running on the same linux host.
For each linux host, there is a host definition in hosts.conf
Now I would like to add oracle instances to the icinga2 configuration. What’s here the best practice?
I was considering adding oracle instance as a host which has a dependency on linux oracle server. That would be useful for our configuration, since we install dynamically multiple instances per host and sometimes we move them to different hosts.
Would that be possible to achieve that with oracle instance → linux oracle host dependency and Rest API to add/modify host configuration?

It would. be great to see some examples if anyone has similar configuration.

Thanks in advance for your. feedback.