Icinga2 2.13.6-1 installation on Ubuntu 22.04 - nagios user?


I just installed this version and found the installation directories and files are owned by “nagios”. Shouldn’t the owner be “icinga” ?

/etc/icinga2/features-enabled# ls -ld /etc/icinga2/
drwxr-x--- 8 nagios nagios 4096 Dec 29 03:59 /etc/icinga2/


“By default, the Icinga 2 daemon is running as icinga user and group using the init script. Using Debian packages the user and group are set to nagios for historical reasons.” => so the folder should be owned by this user

Thanks. I just saw that reference in the documentation. Guess it gonna stay that way in the future… For now. I will live with as it is.

Question for Icinga folks - Any idea what that historic reason is?


Icinga has been developed out of the “Nagios Monitoring System”. Thats what he meant with historic