Icinga1 - Migrating PostgreSQL 9.6 databases to 12 (Compatibility)


Has anyone run Icinga1 IDO2DB with PostgreSQL 12?

I am in the need of upgrading PostgreSQL from 9.6 to 12 and I am wondering if it will actually work.

From Icinga’s latest documentation

“PostgreSQL: Due to changes on insert statements PostgreSQL 8.1 does no longer work (and is already [end-of-life] since November 2010) so please use 8.2 or even better 8.4. String escaping in PostgreSQL 9.x is still in an experimental state (refer to issue #1974).”

icinga-idoutils 1.13.3-2ubuntu0.1
icinga 1.13.3-2ubuntu0.1
icinga-cgi 1.13.3-2ubuntu0.1
icinga-cgi-bin 1.13.3-2ubuntu0.1
icinga-common 1.13.3-2ubuntu0.1
icinga-core 1.13.3-2ubuntu0.1
icinga-doc 1.13.3-2ubuntu0.1
icinga-idoutils 1.13.3-2ubuntu0.1

Thank you