Icinga Web2 resources.ini


I have configured the resources.ini to use ldaps. Everything works fine. I was wondering which authentication method will be used. Is it kerberos?

My config:
type = “ldap”
hostname = “example.test”
port = “636”
encryption = “ldaps”
root_dn = “DC=example,DC=test”
bind_dn = “user1@example.test”
bind_pw = “secure”

Hi mika,

It is just a simple LDAP bind we’re using here.

First we fetch the user’s DN with the provided username. If we find a DN, we use that and the given password in order to perform the bind.

If you want to use kerberos, you have to use external auth and delegate the authentication to your web server.

Does this help?

All the best,

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