Icinga Web 2 Set-up Failed because of permission denied

Hello! I’m pretty new to the Icinga world and community, and while trying to install all the recommended resources to correctly run Icinga (with the help of a video-tutorial https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XWEiu2Bn2OY&t=37s&ab_channel=SystemWatchers), when I got to the end of the Icinga Web 2 configuration on my browser it gave me the “Sorry! Failed to set up Icinga Web 2 successfully” showing me as errors the following screenshots:

I looked up a few forums online but I can’t seem to find the solution! Has anyone already experienced this before? If yes, please help me! Thank you very much!!

Some specs:

  • I’m running Icinga on a Ubuntu (22.10) VM on my Host Machine which is a Windows 10
  • Until this point everything seemed to work fine with all the other steps the tutorial followed

Thank you in advance!

Hello and welcome :slight_smile:

If you go back to the first page of the setup wizard you should find instructions for setting up the required user to be executed on the CLI, so that the /etc/icignaweb2 directory has the correct permissions.

As for the MySQL messages: make sure that you either


  • put in the desired configuration (db name, user, pw) AND after that a root user for the database, so that the web setup can create the database and user itself.
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Thank you very much for your reply!
Now it’s working after I gave the Set Up the credentials for the root user of the database! :slight_smile: