Icinga Web 2 Inventory - Get all Icinga Agents version


We are thinking to upgrade our Icinga infrastructure. Like it is described in the documentation we should maintain components version compatibility.
Short plan can be the following:

  1. Upgrade all Agents to the 2.9
  2. Upgrade Master to the 2.11
  3. Upgrade Satellite to the 2.11
  4. Upgrade all Agents to the 2.11

And here a question appeared. Which versions of the Agents are installed right now on the hosts.
Is there a way to get such information from the Icinga Web2?

It is some kind of simple inventory - at least:

Host - OS - Agent version

Thank you!


if you assign the check “icinga” to each of your Icinga-Server/Agents, you will see it. And you can add the attribute “icinga_min_version” to it, you will get an error list until you finished update process.


Hello Stevie,

Thank you for the point. Started to use this probe - it seems that it can help us with the update.

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