Icinga Web 2 Docker image (production-ready)

Dear Icinga community,

First of all – and IMAO most important of all: Happy new year 2020! May the father of understanding lead all of you! :wink:

Of course this post isn’t just about that. These days I’ve re-built my private infrastructure to Docker. The only component I missed a production-ready Docker image of was Icinga Web 2. As an impatient one I decided to just do it. (As always.) And as a lazy one I’ve completely automated the build process. (As always.)

Long story short – meet a production-ready Docker image with the latest version (updated nightly) of Icinga Web 2 and all official mods!

docker run --rm -d -p 8080:80 -v iw2cfg:/etc/icingaweb2 grandmaster/icingaweb2:apache

For details read the docs in the source repo:

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Now it contains also Icinga DB (web) and the recently published themes:

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And now also my own theme! Thank you for the inspiration source, @tbauriedel & Co.!