Icinga web 2 404 not found

Hi, I have a problem, until now I had a working icinga web but I accidentally put apt-get install icingaweb2-module-monitoring, and since then my icingaweb is not working. Because it uninstalled everything I needed for it, but then I uninstalled it again and downloaded icingaweb2 and everything I needed, but when I want to go to the web it says 404 not found

Icinga Web 2 2.12.0
Git Commit 7cd79a5c7ff66a6a67ecd55875c214ba4b2c7db4
PHP Version 7.4.33
director 1.11.0
doc 2.12.0
incubator 0.20.0
monitoring 2.12.0
setup 2.12.0

Hey, do you mind telling us a little more details?


  • Debian version
  • Previous Icinga Web version

Please respond even if you have solved the problem already, or bypassed it somehow.

Hi, my problem is solved, fresh install debian.