Icinga vSphereDB does not start correctly

Hello everyone,

I am trying to get my Icinga vSphereDB daemon to work, but it is not working. I only see the following output: (–trace --debug)

Changing the user in the systemd file to root now the daemon is running without any problems. But I’ld prefer running this as icingavspheredb user.

Can you help me?

● icinga-vspheredb.service - Icinga vSphereDB Daemon
     Loaded: loaded (/etc/systemd/system/icinga-vspheredb.service; enabled; vendor preset: enabled)
     Active: active (running) since Tue 2022-11-29 16:44:32 CET; 13min ago
       Docs: https://icinga.com/docs/icinga-module-for-vsphere/latest/
   Main PID: 325877 (icingacli)
     Status: "idle, db: idle, localdb: stopped, api: stopped"
      Tasks: 2 (limit: 4674)
     Memory: 23.6M
        CPU: 206ms
     CGroup: /system.slice/icinga-vspheredb.service
             ├─325877 Icinga::vSphereDB: idle, db: idle, localdb: stopped, api: stopped
             └─325879 Icinga::vSphereDB::DB::idle

Nov 29 16:44:32 ... systemd[1]: Starting Icinga vSphereDB Daemon...
Nov 29 16:44:32 ... systemd[1]: Started Icinga vSphereDB Daemon.
Nov 29 16:44:32 ... icinga-vspheredb[325877]: [socket] launching control socket in /run/icinga-vspheredb/vspheredb.sock
Nov 29 16:44:32 ... icinga-vspheredb[325877]: [db] component changed from stopped to starting
Nov 29 16:44:32 ... icinga-vspheredb[325877]: [db] component changed from starting to idle

This is my system:

# id icingavspheredb
uid=1088(icingavspheredb) gid=1088(icingavspheredb) groups=1088(icingavspheredb),114(icingaweb2)
# cat /etc/passwd
icingavspheredb:x:1088:1088:Icinga vSphereDB User:/var/lib/icingavspheredb:/bin/false
# cat /etc/group 
# ls -lha /run/icinga-vspheredb/
total 0
drwxr-xr-x  2 icingavspheredb icingaweb2       60 Nov 29 16:44 ./
drwxr-xr-x 28 root            root            820 Nov 29 16:17 ../
srwxrwxrwx  1 icingavspheredb icingavspheredb   0 Nov 29 16:44 vspheredb.sock=


Icinga Web 2 Version	        2.11.2
PHP Version                     7.4.33
icinga/icinga-php-thirdparty	0.11.0
icinga/icinga-php-library	    0.10.0
incubator		                0.19.0	
vspheredb                       1.5.0

is all permission is okey in module?last time i faced the issue with file permission i fixed that it worked well for me.


I thought I had already checked all the file permissions, but one were missing. Thanks for the reminder:

ls -lha /etc/icingaweb2/modules/

drwxrwS--- 2 www-data icingaweb2 4.0K Nov 28 16:03 vspheredb/


drwxrws--- 2 www-data icingaweb2 4.0K Nov 28 16:03 vspheredb/

It is the change from the capital S to the small s. Here is the correct chmod 2770

and ls -lha /etc/icingaweb2/ with a small s

drwxrws---  2 www-data icingaweb2 4.0K Nov 28 11:12 enabledModules/

@tgelf Maybe you could put an error message in there if it can’t read the configuration.