Icinga Update 2.11; Director Commands not available

Hey all,

I just happened to update to the 2.11 release and immediately got some unknown checks.

All of them are selfwritten checks, which are defined via the director and distributed via the director-global zone.

The only lead I have at the moment is the following message in the logs: Ignoring config update from endpoint 'icinga.xxxx.tld' for unknown zone 'director-global'.

Does anybody have an idea why this happened?

Check your zone configs for the global zones.

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already did, the zone is loaded. Seems like the update has problems with the config my director tries to render. will post more tomorrow

Looks like your endooints doesnt get director config at all

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Do you by chance use the Director’s Infrastructure section, where the director-global zone is configured in there, and the agents do not have this zone configured in their zones.conf file? Instead the global zone is synced via cluster config sync, and somehow the chicken egg problem worked before?

There are several fixes from the cluster config sync stages which make this handling more robust, thus unveiling errors in configuration made in the past.

this was exactly the problem :slight_smile: removed the zone from the director infrastructure and added it to the zones.conf on all servers. Had to cleanup old configuration deployed from the director, but it all works now

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