Icinga tree map parent and child hierarchy schema like Nagios

Hi, we recently migrated from Nagios to Icinga2 monitoring but now one of the most usefull piece of feature that we miss is the tree map that display the hierarchy between hosts objects.

It is specially usefull when a network outage arise and our noc can consult the map and understand at very first look where is the issue and how big it is.

Is there an addon or software plugin module for Icinga that allows me to have the same kind of feature tree map that Nagios had?


HI Enrico and welcome in the community,
have a look at the business process module:

The business process module needs to be created manually: no way!

What I mean is that the hierarchy graphical map needs to be created automatically based simply on the Parent propertie of every Host Object configured at icinga directory wide level.



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Is properly what you want