Icinga template language name


Quick and certainly stupid question

What is the language name of templates used on icinga?


template Service "generic-service-name" {
    check_interval = 1m
    check_command = "dummy"

    vars.dummy_state = {{

        if(typeof(var) == Dictionary) {
            var_min = ....


It’s proper to icinga but is there any name?



look here: Language Reference - Icinga 2
and here: Library Reference - Icinga 2

Yes thanks, but what is this language name? (it’s just curiosity)
(Perhaps I may have misread doc, but I haven’t seen this information)

Icinga 2 DSL :grin:

Maybe this could be also interesting for you, if you speak german: https://osmc.de/archives/2019-2/videos-and-slides/ :wink:

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Thanks !

And I will have a look at that !