Icinga Summit 2024 in Berlin

Hello community!
This year we are organising a bigger community event for you: the Icinga Summit 2024
It is scheduled for June 5-6 2024, which means double the days than you’ve had at our previous Icinga Camps!

Our two-day Summit goes beyond the typical conference experience.
It will be all about diversifying the experience and offering you a choice in how you want to spend your time during the event.
In our program we will have:

  • Talks by Icinga and members of the community
  • Hands-on workshops about different aspects of using and extending Icinga
  • Usability tests, where you can help us improve the user experience of our products
  • Community led discussions in a dedicated community spaces, where you can choose what to talk about
  • and our new Icinga Certification, where you could be among the first official Icinga Certified Professionals

We invite both our customers and community members to share insights into their ongoing projects, customer experiences, community initiatives, and best practices through presentations and workshops covering various topics. The call for participation is officially open and we happily encourage you to submit your proposal!

Take advantage of our special Early Bird Tickets promotion until February 29 to secure your spot at the best available price.

We can’t wait to welcome you in Berlin!

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Our Early Bird tickets are only available until February 29th.
Go and get your Ticket at the reduced price before then!

Alternatively we still offer our Scholarship Ticket for students and underrepresented groups.

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Hi @theFeu
is there a rough schedule for the second day, so that I can estimate the end and check the possibility of train rides that evening?

the schedule, currently only for the first day, is here

We are planning for day 2 to end around 17.00 o’clock as well.

Personally, I recommend staying an extra night if you want to socialise with others after the conference, as there are usually a few groups going for dinner and maybe some drinks after the event as well :slight_smile:


The early bird is over now, but we’re happy to announce our first speakers and topics!
Check out the program to learn more!

If you have something you want to talk about, you can still submit your proposal - we would love to hear about your setup, your struggles and lessons learned, or whatever else you want to share with us!