Icinga Sound Notifications

Hi everyone,

I am not experienced in using Icinga Web 2 but wanted to ask if there is a way to implement sound notifications. For example, a sound notification would play when a host has been confirmed 100% loss of connectivity.

I noticed someone posted a question about this last year but I wanted to follow up as this would be a great feature.

  • Icinga Web 2 version: 2.9.5
  • Used modules and their versions: Map (v1.1.0), monitoring (v2.9.5)
  • Web browser: Google Chrome
  • PHP version: 7.3.20
  • Server operating system and version: N/A

Did you consider nagstamon?

With little coding skills you cold create a NotificationCommand that is executing e.g. aplay and assign notification objects accordingly.

The potential difficulty there is surely to get the sound to come out of the
machine that someone is sitting in front of, and not from a server sitting in
a data centre somewhere?