Icinga Satellite installation with Director

Hi Everyone,

Currently we are learning Icinga.
What is the easiest way to make connection between satellite and master ?

I searched a bit on the internet and they tell me to modify this conf
However, I am using director and this configuration only shows my 3 Zones and endpoint for my master.It doesn’t show other endpoints for my servers.

Configurations for other hosts are in var/lib/icinga2/api/zones/master-zone/director/agent_endpoints.conf

One of the server I am monitoring is windows. I have used this script which director shows to install agent and made the connection. It was really easy


In the icinga director’s manual, it shows there is a similar script for linux servers.(I took this ss from icinga-director’s manual)

However,I can not see it on my Icinga.

Extra question :

As I said currently I am monitoring 2 servers (one is linux other is Windows)

I can see the zones.conf here var/lib/icinga2/api/zones/master-zone/director/agent_endpoints.conf
However,when I go to Icinga Director → Icinga Infrastructure → Endpoints

I can not see the endpoints written here var/lib/icinga2/api/zones/master-zone/director/agent_endpoints.conf

It only shows 1 endpoint which belongs to the master . (same as /etc/icinga2/zones.conf )
Is this normal ?

Thanks everyone in advance!

Zone and Endpoint objects for satellites have to be defined in /etc/icinga2/zones.conf. It’s not possible to do this with the director. For agents it’s the other way round means you simple don’t need to take care as the director will do this for you.

Hi rsx,

I haven’t defined Endpoints for the servers that I am monitoring in /etc/icinga2/zones.conf .
However,I can monitor these servers. How is this possible ?

my /etc/icinga2/zones.conf looks like this .

object Endpoint “FQDN of master” {

object Zone “master-zone” {
endpoints = [ “FQDN of master” ]

object Zone “global-templates” {
global = true

object Zone “director-global” {
global = true

I’d assume you have configured them as agents and as already written the director will take care about zone and endpoint objects.

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