Icinga roadmap?

Hello there,
I was wondering if from time to time we could have a roadmap for icinga in terms of new/extended features ?

Thought i can get in github and see what is at work, it’s not super easy to read thought the commits and even less for long term goals.

Why i’m asking this ? because i find icinga is an awesome tool, and in my opinion, currently it’s only downside is clustering limited to two nodes due to a known bug (check this), i do know there cant be fixed deadlines in an opensource tool, and i’m not asking for it, but i would like to have an idea how high is it in your priorities.

Thought i feel concerned by limited ha feature issue, others may feel the same about others issues or may be seeking for a feature that may come to reality in icinga one day.


Maybe in the video from the talk from @berk at the OSMC 2019 you get some information: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Jx5UmNvEr2s

But as you know this year was a little bit difficult with Convid-19. So Icinga Conf and OSMC were canceld this year. It’s a pitty, because many of us were certainly very happy to learn new things there and to exchange ideas. :frowning:

In this thread you’ll find some information incl. Links to some information: Architecture at icinga (a little bit of criticism ...)


Hi @Someone,

a good starting point to read about what’s currently going on are the following two blog posts:

This may not be perfect, but it reflects the biggest topics we’re working on pretty well.

If a certain issue is not pinned to a milestone it usually means that there are no plans to build that feature right now. Of course you can discuss certain feature requests and questions directly on GitHub as well.


Thanks for the answers and links @bsheqa & @stevie-sy

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