Icinga-Powershell-Plugins: Plans for "network-checks" like http, tcp, dhcp etc


Before I create a feature-request on GitHub I wanted to ask if there are any plans to include some - let’s say “network checks” - into the Icinga-PowerShell-Framework and Icinga-PowerShell-Plugins like check_http, check_tcp, check_dhcp etc. from the Monitoring Plugins in the future?

The background to this question is as follows:
We rolled out the Icinga Agent on the Windows Server and we also started to rollout the new Powershell-Framework incl. Plugins to these servers instead of or in addition of the “old” checks (we don’t want to use NSClient any more). Since then we receive more and more requests from colleagues that we should also perform some checks using the windows agent to check e.g. is a local WebSite running, is a local port open etc. So everything we are doing now using our Master, Satellite Servers and Linux servers where the agent is installed and running there the checks from monitoring plugins.

Hello and thank you for the feedback.

TCP is already listed as feature request: Feature Request Check Command TCP · Issue #100 · Icinga/icinga-powershell-plugins (github.com)

For HTTP and DHCP there is currently nothing planed. It would be interesting to see what should be able to be checked. I honestly have less interest in re-writing the check_http plugin for Linux with the 200 arguments provided.

If we can get a list of features for both plugins, we would add it for the roadmap for 1.4.0 or 1.5.0.

thank you @cstein for the fast answer. I ask my colleagues what exactly they imagine and with this information I create a feature request. And of course I understand why you don’t want to rewrite the full function of every plugin from the monitoring plugins. :wink:

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