Icinga Powershell Framework Installation Infos

Good morning everyone,

I have a question about the Icinga Powershell framework.
At https://github.com/Icinga/icinga-powershell-kickstart
you can find a link “Icinga Documentation”. Unfortunately this leads to a “404”.


Is there another page with installation information?


Yes, the structure has changed, so you can find it at: Introduction - Icinga for Windows

@cstein or @Crited can you have a look at this and if there are similar issues in the other repos? I am busy at the moment, sorry!

Hello Dirk,
thanks for the information.
within the current description, the link of interest to me (below “Core Modules” → “Icinga Powershell Framework”) leads to exactly the same non-existent page…


The link in the description is just a leftover, because the url structure of the docs changed. The page Dirk directed you to is the correct one (the Icinga docs).

I am submitting a pull request on GitHub for it, you could always do that yourself too though if you find something like that again :slight_smile:

Thanks Feu,

does this also affect the link within
Introduction - Icinga for Windows ? (see picture).

hobinBildschirmfoto vom 2021-10-01 17-28-10

I’m not entirely sure what you mean - where is the link?

Sorry, my fault.

I meant the Link under Core Modules → “Icinga Powershell Framework”.

Then you come to https://icinga.com/docs/icinga-for-windows/latest/doc/02-Installation/ again (404).


Ah - I did not realise each of the images were separate clickable links. I’ll add it to my PR!