Icinga powershell framework installation error

Hello Everybody, im still learning so please be patient with me and excuse me if this is the wrong place for this thread.

I am trying to monitor some Windows Vms that have been imported from a Vspheredb.
I have been following the Installation guide of the new powershell-framework as described here.
I seem to run into an error however when the Vm is trying to connect to the Director. I have provided the selfservice key from the template i want to use and i have provided the correct director url, it does seem to run into an error.
While looking under the “Agent” tab of the host it does provide other values like:

    -UseDirectorSelfService 1 `
    -OverrideDirectorVars   0 `
    -Reconfigure `

I have sadly not much experience with Powershell, how exactly am i supposed to provide the other arguments unter “-InstallCommand” so the Agent registers successfully?