Icinga on windows

Hello All,

I am new to icinga and evaluating icinga on windows server.

Installation was easy and straight forward but I am always getting error after selecting " Start installation".

I am trying to establish connection use this option “Connecting from this system” and it is never working

always getting below error:
[Error]: Failed to create certificate.
Arguments: pki save-cert --trustedcert C:\ProgramData\icinga2\var\lib\icinga2\certs\trusted-parent.crt --host XX.XXX.XXX.XX --port 5665
Error:information/cli: Retrieving TLS certificate for ‘XX.XXX.XXX.XX:5665’.
critical/pki: Cannot connect to host ‘XX.XXX.XXX.XX’ on port ‘5665’
ritical/cli: Failed to fetch certificate from host.
[Error]: Unable to connect to your provided Icinga CA. Please verify the entered configuration is correct.

and few more questions:

1.can we monitor linux hosts from Icinga windows server installation
2,Do we have mail notifications in Icinga windows server installation
3.Do we have web interface in Icinga windows server installation
4.Icinga windows server installation will only monitor windows hosts

Appreciate your answers and thanks in advance


Let’s not mix things up.

Icinga2 runs on varius platforms including windows but a few features are not supported on windows machines:

Please note that Icinga 2 was designed to run as light-weight agent on Windows. There is no support for satellite instances.
Distributed Monitoring - Icinga 2

There is also no support to run it as a master node.

Look at this for more information → Distributed Monitoring

To sum it up if you install icinga2 on windows all you get is an agent that can connect to your icinga2 master node.

It get a working icinga2 master node with notifications and the webinterface and so on you need a linux server like ubuntu / Debian / RedHat …

A windows server can monitor whatever you teach him to monitor. Recommended Plugins → Plugins If you decide to write a plugin that checks the weather for you that would be fine to.

  1. No
  2. No
  3. No
  4. Without additionally work Yes

Thanks for the answers and I need to change my plan now.