Icinga on Synology Docker

I am trying to make Icinga2 work on my Synology (x64 cpu) docker.
Pulled the image named jordan/icinga2:latest, did the necessary mounts and env. settings.
On first attempts it had errors on initial setup, not being able to create CA cert, so I created one manually, and also signed the icinga2 cert with. Provided those, together with keys to the appropriate directories.

Followinfg this, the web GUI became available, but were error, so I restarted the container, now it has lots of errors, and GUI is not accessible.


[2020-09-03 17:06:38 +0000] information/WorkQueue: #5 (IdoMysqlConnection, ido-mysql) items: 4, rate: 3.01667/s (181/min 40838/5min 42698/15min);

[2020-09-03 17:06:40 +0000] critical/ThreadPool: Exception thrown in event handler:

Error: getentropy

(0) icinga2: icinga::Downtime::AddDowntime(boost::intrusive_ptr<icinga::Checkable> const&, icinga::String const&, icinga::String const&, double, double, bool, icinga::String const&, double, icinga::String const&, icinga::String const&, icinga::String const&, boost::intrusive_ptr<icinga::MessageOrigin> const&) (+0xa5) [0x7ff4966db625]

(1) icinga2: icinga::ScheduledDowntime::CreateNextDowntime() (+0x517) [0x7ff49667e747]

(2) icinga2: icinga::ScheduledDowntime::TimerProc() (+0x248) [0x7ff49667f048]

(3) icinga2: <unknown function> (+0x6cecf9) [0x7ff49689bcf9]

(4) icinga2: icinga::Timer::Call() (+0x2d) [0x7ff4968baafd]

(5) icinga2: <unknown function> (+0x6e516d) [0x7ff4968b216d]

(6) icinga2: boost::asio::detail::executor_op<boost::asio::detail::work_dispatcher<icinga::ThreadPool::Post<std::function<void ()> >(std::function<void ()>, icinga::SchedulerPolicy)::{lambda()#1}>, std::allocator<void>, boost::asio::detail::scheduler_operation>::do_complete(void*, std::allocator<void>*, boost::system::error_code const&, unsigned long) (+0xc5) [0x7ff496867bd5]

(7) icinga2: <unknown function> (+0x74c84b) [0x7ff49691984b]

(8) icinga2: <unknown function> (+0x696b25) [0x7ff496863b25]

(9) icinga2: boost_asio_detail_posix_thread_function (+0xf) [0x7ff4969115ef]

(10) libpthread.so.0: <unknown function> (+0x7fa3) [0x7ff496101fa3]

(11) libc.so.6: clone (+0x3f) [0x7ff4956d94cf]

On stdout:

Starting icinga2 monitoring daemon in foreground.
[2020-09-04 03:34:36 +0000] information/cli: Icinga application loader (version: r2.11.4-1)
[2020-09-04 03:34:36 +0000] critical/cli: Another instance of Icinga already running with PID 1902
icinga2 ended … failed!
ERROR: RuntimeException in /usr/local/share/icingaweb2/modules/director/library/Director/Core/RestApiClient.php:143 with message: CURL ERROR: Failed to connect to port 5665: Connection refused
2020-09-04 03:34:41,015 INFO exited: icinga2 (exit status 1; not expected)
2020-09-04 03:34:42,021 INFO spawned: ‘icinga2’ with pid 5580
checking Icinga2 configuration2020-09-04 03:34:43,068 INFO success: icinga2 entered RUNNING state, process has stayed up for > than 1 seconds (startsecs)

Might be some issue on permissions of mounted directories?
Can someone advise how to proceed in investigation?

Thx, and regards, Ákos

Hi Ákos,

I running succesfull Icinga2 for 1 Year on my Synology ds716p+. What is your Config?

I configure Icinga with external MariaDB 10:

–env ‘DEFAULT_MYSQL_HOST=ip-from-syno’
–env ‘DEFAULT_MYSQL_USER=dbuser’
–env ‘DEFAULT_MYSQL_PORT=3307’ \

do you have Port 80 and 5665 published?

–publish 20080:80
–publish 25665:5665 \

I have following volume:

–volume /path-to-data/docker/icinga2/etc/icinga2:/etc/icinga2/
–volume /path-to-data/docker/icinga2/etc/icingaweb2:/etc/icingaweb2/
–volume /path-to-data/docker/icinga2/var/lib/icinga:/var/lib/icinga2
–volume /path-to-data/docker/icinga2/userplugins/:/usr/lib/nagios/plugins/userplugins \


Hi Dany,

Thx for your reply.
What image are you using?
Mine is jordan/icinga2 as stated before. It has loads of other env settings.
Big difference is, that I am using MySQL internal to the container, but the error is clearly related to SSL.
Are you not using SSL? (As I see, port 443 is not published)