Icinga Notification - Not working

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I have installed icinga2 in clean ubuntu 18.04 box. I have enabled icinga2 notification feature & restarted. Made the appropriate changes to all the configuration files. I would like to understand from scratch. If we have a clean linux server with icinga2 installation. what are the prerequisities needed for notification? Any documentation we have from scratch?


Hi, take a look here: https://icinga.com/docs/icinga2/latest/doc/03-monitoring-basics/#notifications . The icinga team has documented everything here what you need. Icinga delivers two bash scripts for mail notificition. You’ll find usallay here /etc/icinga2/scripts.
Check first your configuration like it’s written in the docs. Then check if the script is working for you or everything is installed and configured for it (correct mailserver, correct mail program) on your server. Of Course you can use your own scripts for notification or you’ll will take one from the community. e.g. if you want to use a messanger, SMS etc.

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I’ve often seen that simply a mail client wasn’t installed (for Ubuntu we use bsd-mailx).Hence, are you able to send mails on the command line especially as user nagios?

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Thank you. Now everyone needs to grab a coffee and have a read :kissing_heart:

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