Icinga module vsphere can't be enabled due to missing version requirement of director


i am trying to enable this module in the most actual version: GitHub - Icinga/icingaweb2-module-vsphere: VMware vSphere import source for the Icinga Director

But it’s complaining that the director version of >= 1.3.0 is not met

Which shouldn’t be true since i’ve installed the current version from here: GitHub - Icinga/icingaweb2-module-director: The Director aims to be your new favourite Icinga config deployment tool. Director is designed for those who want to automate their configuration deployment and those who want to grant their “point & click” users easy access to the configuration.

Hi Lobr,

I think you have cloned the master branch of the director, so your module.info file contains Version: master. Downloading the latest version will help.

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Just a follow up:
download the latest release which at the time writing is 1.9.1.
Try the vspheredb module:
it has director import functionality but does not require director to work

in case it is intended to use the director master (not recommended):
patch modules info of vsphere and remove the depends part:

patch modules info of director and set version to idk (not recommended):