Icinga Meetup Salzburg, 4.4.2019 @ nic.at


(Thomas Widhalm) #1

Our next Icinga Meetup in Salzburg is coming up! If you’re near (or willing to travel), just by.


We have talks from our attendees. You can always contribute your own talks if you want. So far we had some about users setups, theming Icinga Web 2, troubleshooting Icinga 2 and so on.

There will be plenty of time to talk about what’s coming up or questions you have about how to realize something you want with Icinga.

Keep in mind:

  • The meetup is held by Icinga Users Austria but other Open Source monitoring solutions are very welcome, too. We had a user showing his Nagios setups and talked quite some time about Elastic Stack.
  • If all attendees are ok with it, we’ll talk Austrian/German at the Meetup. We’ll just adapt to the audience so everyones welcome. :slight_smile:

Normally we have these Meetups happening at Friday. This week, by audiences request, we try to have it mid-week, starting a bit earlier. We’ll wait for the feedback and maybe the next meetups will be mid-week or Friday whatever fits most.