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Hello, I have set up icinga2, icingaweb2 and icinga director on 10.10.x.7, and everything works well. I have a web server (iredmail) on 10,10.x.8, which also works without problems. What do I need to do in order to instruct icinga to send alerts etc. through my webserver? Obviously it’s not localhost, it is a separate (virtual) machine. Thanks in advance for any advice!

I believe all you need is to setup a mail relay on Icinga2 (probably Postfix) according to iredmail’s documentation

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Hi and welcome

how you configure notificaiton you’ll find here: Monitoring Basics - Icinga 2 and here Addons - Icinga 2.
in /etc/icinga2/scripts you’ll find two bash scripts for notification (one for host and one for service notification) you coud use. This uses mail in the background. Of course you could use your own script.
The rest is how @steaksauce wrote: you have to configure a mail relay.

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Not necessarily. You could have a script log in to a mail server via SMTP and send the email.

That said, it is likely simplest to install a local MTA (postfix) and configure it to relay to your mail server.