Icinga Jira Module Work with Jira Cloud?

I try to configure Icinga Jira Module with Jira Cloud, but when try to test the connection this fail with this errors.

ErrorException in /usr/share/icingaweb2/modules/jira/library/Jira/RestApi.php:401 with message: A non well formed numeric value encountered

icingacli jira send problem
–host icingaweb
–project ITSM
–issuetype Incident
–state DOWN
–description ‘Base Abajo’
–summary ‘CRITICAL - rta nan, lost 100%’

Any limitations with Jira Cloud?.

Regards And Thanks
Angel Barra

Hello there!

I am doing a little cleanup with older, unanswered posts at the moment and I moved your topic to a more fitting category :slight_smile:

Did you make any progress in the meantime?

Have a nice day,

how are you trying to test the connection?

I’m dealing with JIRA module issues regarding a there is not way to connect it to my Jira cloud trial account.


Hello @abarra!

Did you get any further with this?

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No, I haven’t found anything related to this. I still need help.


Hi Cristhian,
Work, after few test, is possible using Jira Module with Jira Cloud.

Hello there!

I’m happy to hear, that it worked out for you! :tada:
Would you mind sharing your way of solving the initial problems?
This would help other users with similar issues, like @cherazoteam, to get it working in their environment too!

Thank you very much!

Thanks for the info, Could you please explain how you set the type of the variable as a searchable text field ?