Icinga HA election and object ownership

Hi All,

hopefully a quick question for someone to answer and help me out :).

Looking to build a new icinga2 cluster, having masters in two different DC’s. I notice that IDO will be acitve/standby and that the active member is elected on ‘alpha-numeric’ hostname. Is it possible to change this election? I ask as the documentation says, by ‘default’ making me think i can change this in a config file but i am yet to find a way :).

Having multiple nodes in the same zone allows objects to be owned by different nodes. Can i see which nodes owns which object ?

Thanks in advance all!

No, you can not change the election process and I am not aware of this feature being planned.

You can see which node is responsible at the current moment by having a look at one node of the zone via API and if the object shows paused as false its scheduling is happening on this node. If it is paused true, the other node is responsible.

Thanks very much for this. I didnt think it was possible but worth asking to confirm.