Icinga for Windows - Self service API key


I am trying to setup monitoring on a Windows 10 host following the instructions on the official documentation page. I am stuck getting a self service API key - it is required but I can’t find any documentation on where to get it. Does anyone here know how to do this?

In my searches I did find posts indicating that there are a lot of people that do know how to set this up, and that it involves some kind of host template, but that is as far as I got. I’m wondering if there’s some source of information that I didn’t find. Icinga for Windows seems completely unusable to me, based on the official documentation that I found.

You will found it within the director on the agent tab on the host.


Sorry for the bad screenshot - I am currently on the go

That’s awesome, I’ve found it, thanks!

So what is the process to use this?

  1. Create host in Icinga Director
  2. Deploy in Icinga Director
  3. Install Icinga Agent msi
  4. Download Agent Powershell script and run on host

Thanks for that. Regarding step 3, I assume you are referring to the “old” agent - Index of /windows. I was trying to use the current Icinga for Windows framework but I can’t get it to work. I think I’m going to have to switch over to the old agent like you suggested - I’ve spent hours trying with Icinga for Windows and I’m stuck.

I can’t get the framework to work either. I’ve also tried installing the msi, then running the script that you download from inside the host configuration and that doesn’t work either.

Yesterday what I was able to get working was to do this.

  1. Create host in Icinga Director
  2. Copy Ticket from agent tab
  3. Install Icinga Agent msi
  4. Have it launch the gui configuration wizard
  5. Manually add all the options and the ticket

If by “the script that you download from inside the host configuration” you mean the script that you can find in the Agent tab of a host in Icinga Director, I think that is for the Icinga for Windows framework. On the script page it does say “More Information on GitHub - Icinga/icinga2-powershell-module: PowerShell helper for Icinga 2 on Windows” which is the github page for Icinga for Windows.

So you don’t need to install the MSI to use that, although you do need to setup Icinga for Windows.

Hello everyone,

what exactly is the issue with Icinga for Windows? Have you followed the installation guide and had a look on the deeper explanation on how the Icinga for Windows wizard works?

There is an example on how you configure everything by using the Self-Service API.

The host must not exist before, as you simply require the key for the template in first place. Once you use the template key, the host is created automatically inside the Icinga Director with the chosen template (which is assigned to the key).

Hi, I wrote about my problem in this thread.

I followed the instructions as best I could. I think there was missing information, like the location of the key that I wrote about at the beginning of this post.