Icinga for windows: Problem installing ca.crt certificate

Ho !
I’m trying to install Iginga for windows agent using “Connection method [1]” - Because I have not connectivity from Agent (Windows) to Icinga (MAster) due to LAN2LAN connection that restrict traffic in this direction
The installation FAIL as you can see in the image - because the Agent cannot connect to Icinga server and fetch certificate:

[Error]: Failed to create certificate.
Arguments: pki save-cert --trustedcert C:\ProgramData\icinga2\var\lib\icinga2\certs\trusted-parent.crt --host --port 5665
Error:information/cli: Retrieving TLS certificate for ‘’.
critical/pki: Cannot connect to host ‘172.31.xxx.yyy’ on port ‘5665’
ritical/cli: Failed to fetch certificate from host.

Is there a WAY to trust IcingaAgent and Master MANUALLY ?

Which kind of traffinn from master to agent and vice-versa should be opnened?
Onlu the tcp port 5665 from Agent to Master ?

Hello PiCo!

I guess you have only the other way around. Icinga for Windows should ask you whether to connect to the master – say no, you expect the master to connect to the agent.