Icinga for Windows: New installation method complexity unbearable

Currently, I’m installing Icinga for Windows using Start-IcingaAgentInstallWizard. The Icinga-Agent Zipfile is located on the satellite within the customer’s LAN.

Advantages: No WAN connection needed for my monitoring-targets (Windows-Servers) and the local repository on the satellite consists of a few files, e.g. Icinga2-v2.12.3-x86.msi

I noticed this method is now deprecated and I’m supposed to use IcingaForWindows.ps1. My first try failed, because your example -IcingaRepository 'https://myserver/repositories/stable' simply does not work. If I point Repository to https://myserver/repositories/stable/ifw.repo.json, the scripts starts to run, but fails because the URLs inside fw.repo.json point to external sites.

Then (if above would work), I’m supposed to install Icinga Management Console (IMC) and then use this to install the Icinga2-Agent?

I’m sorry but this is incredible complex for just installing a Software and set a few strings in constants.conf and zones.conf. I need a acceptable way to roll out the Icinga-Agent to Windows-Servers.

I consider going back to nsclient++.