Icinga for Windows: Monitoring Services

I’m trying to use Icinga for windows and the powershell module to monitor some Windows Service.
I’m using the command “Invoke-IcingaCheckService”

For monitoring for example the service starting with “icinga” I can use the wildcar as in the pics below:

And this work and show me 2 service checked:
Icinga2 Powershell Service

BUT now If I wan to ADD other service to the array How can I do ?
For example if I wan to monitor olso the service starting with F5…
I tryied:
icinga*; F5*
icinga* F5*

But these do not work.
How can I add here an array of different services to monitor?

I used this to set up the commands. And the Service field is an array and supports mutiple values

how did you import the powershell commands, and which version did you use

I did it with BUCKET snapshot…
The LINK abobe do not help me.
I need an example of an ARRAY o services
What is the right sintax to inserve several Services to check?

check if you have this field in icinga director:
Screenshot 2023-10-03 at 10.39.37

and if its datatype is an array.

if not, I would recommend to use the basket upload function and replace your Invoke-IcingaCheckService
with this one, or the one matching your plugin version

I have this:

The problem is HOW TO POPULATE the ARRAY Field in order to check several services ?

first we make sure that it is an array => check
there should be a plus sign available if you click on one entry
=> add another one

You were right !!