Icinga for Windows - Can't connect to IfW API on host

Hello everyone,

I would like to test Icinga for Windows, but after installing it I get this error in the UI. The installation of Icinga for Windows went through without errors.

Where can I start looking or can someone give me an example of how host/host template and service/service template should look like

Thank you very much for your help!

sounds like your target windows system ‘localhost’ -firewall is simply blocking port 5668 …?
I propose for troubleshooting to disable for a minute the windows firewall, then test the connection.
just to get an idea if this is the right spot for further research …

Same problem here but it’s not the firewall. We got the error message after a Windows update and it vanished after running our install script again.

Any Ideas on why Icinga for windows might forget it’s configuration are highly appreciated