Icinga for Windows cannot update

Hi there :slight_smile:

the cmdlet “Update-Icinga” should update each component of Icinga for Windows to the newest Version.

Did you ever had the problem, that no new version was found?


It doesnt matter which Server Version I use, everywhere the same problem.
Firewall shoudnt be the cause.

To get the newest Version, I have to remove all components and initiate the installation-script manually.
And on top of that I have to drop the Self-Service-Key of the host during the connection proccess and enter the new one, which is a little bit exhausting.

Do you have a solution for that?
Thank you!

Hey can you tell me your current icinga for windows version?
Do you have enable ‘AllowUpdates’ by the first installation?

Do they use a local network share?

try that in powershell and try again

Add-IcingaRepository -Name 'Icinga Stable'
-RemotePath ‘https://packages.icinga.com/IcingaForWindows/stable/ifw.repo.json’;

Thanks for that - now it works :smiley:
Is this repository not the default?
Or do I have to set this up with each installation?